Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 things I love about 'A'

In no particular order...

1.  He can fart while eating.  It takes talent to do two things at once like that.

2.  He runs in circles until he falls over laughing like a maniac.

3.  He likes to run around the house with things covering his eyes, and always ends up running face first into walls/doors, cracking me up.

4.  He actually ASKS to go to sleep and take nap.

5.  He loves giving big huge hugs and super slobbery kisses, even to the baby.

6.  He helps me burp the baby.

7.  He yells at people out the window, shaking fists and everything.  I imagine he's saying something along the lines of "GET OFF MY LAWN!"

8.  His beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes.  I know this means I am going to be driving away a lot of girls come his high school years, but it's okay, I'll just show them videos of #1 on this list.

9.  I get to make him be a chicken for Halloween because he's too small to object.

10.  His ginormous head can probably be used as a flotation device, should we experience an emergency water landing.


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