Friday, September 25, 2009

News, Everyone!

Well it seems as though my family is on the mend.  After almost 2 weeks of playing "pass the virus", A has downgraded his 103 fever to no fever, but a faucet of a nose and St. Bernard level drooling.  E has a stuffy nose, but luckily no fever.  And the biggest baby of all, my husband, has finally stopped coughing every 10 seconds.  Yes, now I finally get to catch up on sleep and chores, while chasing my snot-nosed toddler around trying to wipe his nose, which, judging from his reactions, must feel like getting face-raked by barbed wire.

This week has been nothing short of a family-fun-time adventure.  It began with A spiking a 103 degree fever at 10pm.  Lucky for us, our pediatrician has night-staff.  I played a short game of telephone tag for around a half hour, only to be told the good ol' 'Tylenol, fluids and behavior observation' advice.  Nothing makes a sleep-deprived mother feel better taken care of than a patronizing 'he'll be fine'.

If any of you moms have dealt with a pacifier-addicted toddler with a completely blocked nose, you will know where this night headed.  Every single hour, from 10pm until breakfast was filled with screaming after he'd try to breathe through his mouth, and end up losing his pacifier.  This was night 1 of no sleep.  Wonderfully followed up by day 1 of irrational, sleep-deprived, tantrum throwing toddler.  Life was indeed grand at this point.

Night 2 was similar, though it didn't contain a fever ridden child, and his nose was ever so slightly clear enough for him to only have to breathe through his mouth intermittently.  So we only got woken up once or twice an hour.  Still counts as no sleep.  How the child was able to wake up at the normal hour of 7am and live his day with the energy of a flea on speed, I will never know.  But I will forever be jealous!

Each night after got a little better, as did the following day.  Last night he only woke up once and today he was back to his food-throwing, kitty-tormenting self, albeit with a runny nose still.  But this is only battle #1 in the upcoming war known as "Winter".  Wish me luck, folks.


“With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood.” - Isadora Duncan

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