Saturday, September 12, 2009

S'atadae Naym Gaim

I've decided Saturdays are going to be called "S'atadae Naym Gaim" (Saturday Name Game) and be devoted to the wonderful butcherings, misspellings and all out WTF-erry of today's baby names.

Jodeci- Because every kid needs to be named after the band that was playing during their conception. 

Ja'Quasia- Why do people like putting apostrophes in names?  Is there a point?  Are you supposed to stutter at the apostrophe or something?  Ja---Quasia.  And the Quasia reminds me of the word queasy.  *knock* "honey are you alright in there?""yeah... *gag*  i'm ja... *gag*  quasia*BARF*"

Malin- Merlin?

Harlow- I know this is Nicole Richie's baby name, but seriously it sounds like the word harlot.  Who would name their daughter a name that's one slip of the tongue away from the word whore?  "boys and girl, meet Skink, she's new to town so let's show her a good time" *snicker*

And to round out the Nicole Richie double-you tee effing, Sparrow James Midnight.  Riiiiight.  I don't even have to say anything.

Acey- Erm... this trip is acesssss mannnn.  *two thumbs up*

Pazleigh-  I think you spelled Paisley wrong.  Oh it was done on purpose???  Oh... um... sorry?

Skeet-  Anyone watch Dave Chappelle?  "When white people find out what skeet means, they'll be like "Oh my gosh what have we done?!" This makes me giggle.

Okay that's all for today.  Gotta save some for next week.  Off to the dentist I go!


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