Friday, October 9, 2009

Mah Bebe Girl...

The punches, they just keep comin'.  My little girl has eczema.  She broke out in a rash all over the backs of her legs.  So now I get to lotion her up like a miniature greased piglet, 3 times a day.  Plus baths only once a week.  I feel bad because eczema is supposedly really itchy.  Can you imaging being itchy all day, without the ability to scratch?  I'm sure that counts as torture somewhere.

But on a good note, my big boy is now paci free!  I decided on a whim to just not give him his paci the other day, and after an hour of whimpering, he went down for a nap sans paci.  I feared for my life that night, though.  Little A is the king of tantrums.  He is the iron man of tantrum throwers.  When we first broke him of co-sleeping, it was the single most difficult week of his little existence.  Lots of crying, and not all of it was him.  So I was expecting doom.  He shocked all of us when he went down without a single peep!  Then today was similar.  Crying during nap time, which he eventually whined me into submission and escaped without a nap.  Come night time he went down without more than a few minutes whimpering.  Probably because he didn't have a nap!

My little babies are doing well, though.  Better than my big baby... er I mean husband.  He just got over the swine flu and has now hurt his knee.  Old man.


You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones

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