Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another rant for another day

Today's rant is somewhat political in nature, so if you don't like politics, don't read it.

Here is something I honest-to-you-know-who don't understand.  Seriously, I can't wrap my little pea brain around it, no matter how much I try.

Why is gay marriage an attack on traditional marriage???

It goes against what the majority of Christians believe is God's directions for us to get back into heaven?  

So does Judaism with their not believing in Jesus, but we don't campaign against them, or try to keep them from practicing their faith, right?  I think we tried that once and it didn't turn out so well, right?

It's going to teach our kids that being gay is okay!

Um, if you're so afraid that legalizing things is the same as "teaching your kids it's okay", I'd focus your efforts on getting prohibition back, and criminalizing all pharmaceuticals, because, statistically speaking that's a MUCH bigger (and completely legal) threat to your child's mortal and immortal existence.  According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, almost 13 percent of people in the United States currently struggle with an alcohol or drug dependency issue.  This doesn't even include "experimenters".  Do you know what percentage of the nation is gay?  According to the 2000 census, ONE PERCENT of the United States classify themselves as gay.  Up to 4% of the population participates in more homosexual than heterosexual activities while classifying themselves as bi-sexual.

Gays are going to "teach" our kids to be gay!

I was born hating beans.  Since the day my mother first made me try beans, her favorite food, they've made me gag.  Growing up she tried EVERYTHING from forcing me, gently encouraging me, punishing me and rewarding me, just to get me to eat my beans.  It never worked.  My hatred for beans runs through my blood, because I was born with whatever combination of genes and DNA makes me seriously dislike beans.  I am 26 years old, and I still hate beans.  My husband LOVES beans.  He tries to make me eat them, too, but I hate them.  No way of preparing them, hiding them in my food or not telling me they're included in the recipe can hide them from my taste buds.  No matter how much I CHOOSE to try new recipes in hopes that I'll like them, my choices aren't going to change my DNA.  Sometimes people's tastes change as they get older and they realize the like a food they never liked before, and that's okay.  But it has nothing to do with choices, it has to do with your body's biological make up. 

What does this mean?  This means, if your child is born a heterosexual, as 95-99% of them are, no amount of "desensitizing", "encouraging" or "forcing" will make your child gay.  It's not a disease, it's not transmittable.  It's not a behavior, it's not learned.  People can realize that their heterosexual relationships are no longer as appealing as their homosexual ones, but that doesn't mean they've chosen to be gay.  It means they've made a realization about themselves.  Just like experimenting can have the opposite effect and show a person that they much prefer heterosexual relationships over homosexual ones.  

But I don't want my church to have to marry those gays! (a favorite of mine from prop H8)

Homosexual rights have nothing to do with what your church or school, as a private institution, must do. Churches don't rule the government, and therefore, you don't have to be married in a church to be recognized as married.  You have to be married by the federal government, which is what homosexuals are fighting for their right to do.  They want federal recognition and rights, not rights to your church.  Churches are private institutions, and much like Rabbis aren't legally required to perform Catholic mass weddings if requested, Christian churches would not be required to allow gay marriages.  

Schools are going to teach about gay stuff if we legalize gay marriage!

Schools and school districts make their own decisions about curriculum.  There is no federal mandate that would require gay studies to be added.  Even though it's a part of history just like the civil rights movement and women's rights, the choice would not be up to the federal government, but one of the local governments, depending on your states laws.  Legalizing gay marriage would have no impact on this, other than hopefully opening peoples' minds.

But I want to save their soul!

Have you ever heard the term, "you'll get more bees with honey, than with vinegar"?  Trying to force anyone to do what YOU want, no matter your intention, never accomplishes anything but resentment and hate.  God granted us this fantastic thing called free will.  He gave it to us to USE.  And yes, that includes the free will to NOT BELIEVE IN A CHRISTIAN GOD!  God, in his infinite wisdom, knows that this is pertinent to our existence, so who are we, as fallible humans, to try to take this free will away?  Do you think you're smarter than God?  Because that immediately negates your Christianity right there, bud.  You can pray for them if you feel that you should, but the second you take away their free will, YOU are going against God's plan just as much as they are.

So... if they're not going to come after my kids, my schools or my churches with a rainbow pitchfork, what is it they want???

Equality.  They want the government to allow equal rights to homosexual partnerships.  Meaning, they want to be able to get health insurance.  They want to be able to get access to and information about their ailing loved ones in the hospital.  They want to be able to publicly proclaim their love via a certificate recognized by the federal government.  They want to be able to sue if their spouse is wrongfully killed in an accident.  They want rights to their spouse's memories and estate in the event of their passing.  They want to be treated the same as I and my husband.  Why is that so bad?  Honestly, WHY is grating rights to people who don't love they way you may, but still love, considered wrong?

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