Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello, hello again.

Let me preface this glorious blog post by stating one important fact.  This fact will forever change your view of me and give you understanding as to where the upcoming ROTDs (rant of the day) are coming from.

I am almost 2 months pregnant.

Yes, I am in that majestic phase of all day barfiness mixed with random bouts of indigestion, mood swings MTV would be proud to feature in their late night "mental instability gets great ratings" lineup, and the ability to pee 4,000 times a day without being suspected to have a serious disease.

Couple that with my innate ability to hate everything ever, and we get a perfect storm of beautiful furious fist shaking.

Which brings us to the ROTD.

Why is it okay to make fun of skinny people, but not fatties?

Here are some of the things I here often...

"aww you're so skinny!  I wish I was a skinny minnie like you!"
"you can't complain about gaining weight when you're so tiny!"
"eat a sandwich!"
"you're not allowed to complain about your body changing shape because it didn't change shape to make you fat." (paraphrasing that one)

so let's turn that around and see how acceptable it would be to say the exact same thing to a fat person...

"eew, you're so fat!  I'm glad I'm not a fatty mcfatpants like you!"
"you can't be happy about losing weight when you're still so fat!"
"put down the sandwich!"
"you're not allowed to be happy about your body changing shape because it didn't change shape to make you super model thin."

Would you ever say that to a fat person?  EVER???  Didn't think so.  So stop pestering the crap out of skinny people, k?  We get it.  You're fat and unhappy about it.  Stop making people with the body you want feel bad about having something you don't.  Sometimes we don't actually want this body.  Sometimes the reason why we have it is an actual medical problem.  Wait, isn't that the same thing overweight people wish the skinny mean folks who make fun of fat people would understand?  Yeah, it is.  So put the shoe on the other foot, eh?

Do you know how hard it is for me to buy clothes?  I have to special order pants and I'M ONLY SIZE 4, AND 5'7" TALL!!  This is an average size, people!!  But I have to special order jeans because people who are size 4 should only be 5' tall, and people with legs my length should be size 18 I guess.  I can NEVER find long sleeve shirts with sleeves long enough to reach my wrists.  EVER.  I am not a gangly string bean.  I'm pretty normal looking.

Anyways, I digress.  The point is, unless you want me making fun of you for being fat, dont make fun of me for being thin.  Thaaaaanks.

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