Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I'd rather do for 12 days than be pregnant...

I have 12 days until my due date.  In true queen-of-whiners fashion, I've compiled a list of 12 things I'd rather do for the next 12 days straight rather than be pregnant.  And here they are:

1.  Go without showering
2.  Eat vegan
3.  Go to the mall every day in the 12 days before Christmas
4.  Wait on hold with muzak playing
5.  Visit the DMV daily
6.  Watch the Fresh Beat Band on loop
7.  Get a filling a day at the dentist
8.  Drive back and forth between the 405 and the 101
9.  Ride "It's a small world"
10.  Listen to Kenny G
11.  Navigate Boston without a GPS
12.  Stage a "Fat Kids With Rat Tails photo shoot"

Ladies and gentlemen, the last few weeks of pregnancy SUCK.

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