Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Un-Plugged

Every time I force myself to get my butt off of the internet and DO things, I'm amazed at what I can accomplish in 24 hours.  As a new mom of 3, I have every excuse in the world to NOT get things done, but I can't stand being unproductive (is that even a word?).  I enjoy being lazy, but I hate not being useful.  I have decided that the month of June is going to be (mostly) un-plugged.  Not 100%, because, let's face it, I WOULD DIE without any internet at all.  Nobody ever wants to do things with me in real life, so the internet IS my life.  My e-friends are my only real friends (with only a few exceptions).  I spend more time Pinterest pinning meal ideas than I do actually making them.  I have an office full of half-finished projects, and I haven't scrapbooked since my oldest son was... not even born.  He's 4.  It's time for me to get off my butt and DO SOMETHING!  Last night I tried to imagine what my life would have been like if I had my kids when my mom had hers... in the mid 80s.  No cell phones.  No internet.  No iPods.  13 channels on the TV.  You get the idea.  What did mothers do then???  How did they distract their kids for long enough to accomplish a simple task like folding a load of laundry?  

Now I know you're saying to yourself, "Wow.  This is quite possibly the epitome of first world problems right here. I think I'm going to hurl."

I don't care.  I am doing this.  And it's going to be a big deal... if I survive.

Here are my goals for the month...
1.  Survive (most important)
2.  Read Les Mis again
3.  Finish the quiet book I started ages ago
4.  Finish Erin's blanket
5.  Finish Liam's blanket
6.  Clean the ceilings (don't ask)
7.  Make lots of keepsake art projects with the kids
8.  Do a family photo shoot
9.  Move erin into the 3rd bedroom and move the office downstairs
10.  Save up $500 for a lawn mower and professional carpet cleaning

That's doable, right?  We'll see...

Now for the "rules".  I will only check facebook ONCE per day.  I will spend no more than 30 minutes doing things that aren't necessary online.  I can use the internet for banking and to find recipes I already have saved.  I can use the internet to play music (pandora).  And I can use it for my job.  But that's it.  


See you July 1st :-)

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