Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our trip to the Cape

Last Thursday my mom, Zoe, the kids and I all went down to my grams house at east sandwich beach. We were supposed to stay for 24 hours, then return home just me and the kids, while my mom stayed with Zoe until Sunday. Instead, the kids were behaving so well we decided to stay all of us until Sunday! This was a rare treat for me since I had all three kids in an unchildproofed place that was way outside of their normal routine. But with the help of my mom and my sister I was able to have a fantastic time and the kids did too! We went to the sandbar 3 times, went out at high tide once, went to seafood sams, the ice cream sandwich, ordered pizza and or to eat at a bunch of restaurants, which aiden particularly enjoyed because he was able to get Mac and cheese almost every day.

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