Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ham-ham

Little L is growing so fast!  Well, all 3 of them are, actually.  But it's much more evident in L.  He can now roll over in both directions with ease, and does what I call the "caterpillar crawl".  He scrunches up with his knees and arms under him, then pushes forward onto his chest, a few inches farther forward than he was before.  He  loves his brother and sister, and is constantly entertained by their crazy antics. He giggles whenever they play with him, and will crane his neck to see them whenever they're around. He wants so desperately to be a part of their play time, but he can't even sit up, never mind keep up!  He can sit as long as his hands are down ("the tripod") for a minute or so, but eventually he just flops over.  I can't believe he's going to be 6 months old in a little over 2 weeks!  I've already dug out the high chair and convertible car seat.  He is almost 20 lbs, and with a 22lb carseat to boot, I've actually pulled BOTH of my shoulder muscles lugging him around.  Some time in the near future I'll be mixing up his first bowl of oatmeal :*(  I can't believe he's going to be eating real people food so soon.  With A and E I was so drained from constantly breastfeeding, I longed for a break.  With L he only feeds when he's hungry, he doesn't comfort nurse a whole lot, and he sleeps through the night most nights, so I don't feel so tied down.  This impending independence makes me feel like his entire babyhood is coming to a close!  Already!!  I will still nurse him, though, until he's 2 (the MINIMUM age the WHO and AAP recommends), so we'll still have that special time.  It will just be fewer and farther between.  Then, in the blink of an eye, he'll be off and married with his own babies :(

A is doing really well in school.  He's so far ahead of the class, sometimes I fear school is boring and redundant for him.  His class is just starting to learn the alphabet, and he already knows his alphabet and how to write it, too.  He's starting to read!  He can sound out easy words.  He knows how to spell some simple words like dad and mom.  He's become so helpful, always trying to help me with the baby, always doing little tasks that I need help with.

E is growing, too.  She's very stubborn, very demanding and can be very trying at times.  She is in the throws of being 3.  She's also very loving sometimes, and has her glimpses of emerging from the horror that is "the kill-me-now threes".  When she wants to be helpful, she is.  But when she wants to wreak havoc, watch out!

R's got 2 ruptured disks in his back, full time school and full time work.  So home is pretty much a disaster a lot of the time, haha.  But we'll make it through.  And we'll come out stronger (and perhaps richer?) in the end!

L having a ride in the big boy part of the stroller

sticking his tongue out

Loving on rattle dog

A's first day of Pre-K

A's official first day shot

L playing in his saucer

Rolling Stones Baby

My dad's birthday gift

Close up... his portrait is made of words to his favorite song :-)

Mommy making silly faces to make L smile

E smiles

Aunt W visiting, holding little L

Waiting for the Bedford Day parade

A and E on a fire truck on Bedford day

My hair is super long (and my room was super messy-- it's clean now)

Doing the tripod sit


passed out like a bed hog

Mommy gave in to A's begging for halloween

on a hayride at the apple orchard

apple picking with A's preschool class


eating homemade apple cider donuts

I almost forgot to mention Aunt W and my dad visited us... so here's more photos...

Grandpa and E

Grandpa and the two hooligans

Grandpa and L

Blue Steel

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