Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The ham-ham

L's nicknames are all variations of ham.  Ham-ham.  Hamtaro.  Hamilton.  Hamstergeddon.  All because he was so huge in my belly.  And his name sounds like it has the word ham in it.


Yesterday was the ham-ham's half birthday!  He is 6 months old now!  I can't believe it, it feels like he was born yesterday.  I've completely adjusted to being a mommy of 3 (well, as much as you can adjust, I guess).  I run errands with all 3, take them out to places like the park, and still keep the house from caving in (mostly).  Here are a few of the milestones little hammy has reached...
- He can roll front to back and back to front like a real pro.  He rolls whenever he can't reach something and can't figure out how to scoot toward it.  It's pretty funny.
- He can army crawl!  He scoots alllll over the house.  This is scary :(  I don't want him mobile yet!
- He can sit unsupported.  He sits up all by himself!  Sometimes he'll forget he's sitting and lean over to grab something and go splat on his face, but never hard enough to make him cry.  He just looks confused for a moment and continues on.  He always tries to go from crawling on his tummy to sitting, but only gets halfway, and doesn't have the strength to get all the way up.  He hates that!  He gets so annoyed and whines until I prop him up, haha.
- He started solids!  He mostly just makes faces and gags, but he's tasted carrots, rice cereal and oatmeal already.  I hope he warms up to food, unlike Miss E who didn't like food until she was 10 months old!
- He has 2 teeth coming through!  He has 1 cutting the gum already, and 1 that's right below the gum where you can see a white line.  He is chewing on EVERYTHING!  Anything he can get his hands on goes straight into his mouth, and let me tell you, it hurts!
- He sleeps mostly through the night!  He falls asleep usually around 8-9pm and wakes up for a feeding at 11pm (which is when I go to sleep), and usually sleeps through until about 6:30-7am.  Sometimes he wakes up once for a super fast feeding, but it's mostly for comfort because he feeds for a good 3 minutes before falling back asleep.  Which is no big deal for me because we still co-sleep.

L also upgraded to A/E's old convertible seat.  Don't worry, it's not expired. (what, you didn't know car seats expire?  They sure do!  Learn more about car seat safety here and keep your babies safe!)  It took me an entire DAY to scour that thing, it was so nasty.  I disassembled it according to the cleaning instructions found in the user manual, which took hours.  There were about 5 times I said to myself "This is so disgusting.  This totally isn't worth it.  I'm buying a new seat.  Eew."  but I kept going.  There were snacks stuck in crevices that could have been there for the last 4 years, nobody knows.  Either way it was pretty gross.  After I got it taken apart I threw the belts and cover in the washer on warm, delicate cycle with NO SOAP! (It can damage the integrity of the seat belt).  I let the seat belt air dry (never put it in a dryer), but put the cover in for another run because it was STILL nasty! I took this time to scour the plastic parts with warm water and soap.  I may or may not have worn a full hazmat suit for this part.  Then, finally, when it was all clean and the cover was done tumbling dry (no heat! it can shrink the cover!) it was time to reassemble it.  This took another few hours.  After I'd get it all done I'd realize I left out a buckle or strap cover and have to start all over again.  By that evening it was finally complete and ready for the big boy!
In the big boy seat

Liam is...
28.25" tall (95th %)
19 lbs 8.5 oz (83rd %)
47.5 cm head circumference (99.8th %)
Aka... Huge!

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