Monday, November 5, 2012

An attitude of gratitude

It's November, the time to be thankful. I've always wondered, and this may strike you as cheesy, but it's true, why grateful was spelt with "grate" instead of "great". Because usually one is grateful for great things. I guess people could be unusually fond of cheese graters or something. But anyways, I'm going to do my November grateful list here! And yes, I'm late to start, but I've been thinking about it for the past few days, so technically I'm only late in writing it down.

In no particular order

This November I am grateful for...

I'm a Mormon.1. My father in heaven. He is so kind and understanding. He gives me trials so I can grow, and keeps pushing me to continue when I want so desperately to give up. When I mess up I remember he's given me the opportunity to repent. Not to wallow in my own screw ups, or guilt, but to honestly learn from my mistakes and start fresh. When I look back at where I came from, then look at where I am now, it is impossible to take full credit for my accomplishments. I did it all, yes, but not without the means, encouragement, opportunities, hints, guidance, earthly angels, and miracles granted to me by my Father in heaven.  It's just not possible for me to look into the eyes of my children, family and friends, and not see my Heavenly Father smiling back at me.

2.  My babies.  8 Years ago I was told I would never have kids without significant medical help.  But God had a plan for me, and as soon as I met my husband, I fell pregnant.  I have two babies in heaven, but I have 3 here on Earth with me, and I feel so blessed for it.  They teach me so much every day, they show me how much of this world there is to appreciate, and they teach me to see things through different eyes.  They're hilarious, so smart, and so handsome/beautiful I can hardly believe they're mine.  My life would be so boring and empty without their huge hearts.

3.  My husband.  From the moment I fell pregnant with A, he has worked between 9-14 hours per day.  We both came from poverty, and we always vowed our kids would have more than we did.  Our kids wouldn't want.  Our kids would have cool clothes, nice stuff, and fun toys.  And he has made that happen.  He works his hands to the bone just to give us a cushy life.  We may not have everything yet, but we have so much more than we've ever had before.  And he's currently in school full time to make sure our future only gets better.  He also makes me cookies, brings me my ridiculously specific food wants, does dishes occasionally, sings the babies to sleep, and makes sure to do things exactly the way I want them because I have mild OCD, haha.

4.  My sister.  Growing up, C and I were two peas in a pod.  We hated each other at home, but when we were lonely, the other was there.  We played airplane in our bunk beds, we sat with each other on our first days at new schools (and believe me, there were MANY), we secretly hated when the other made friends first, and of course, we fought like wild dogs throughout high school. After we each completed our obligatory "I'm too smart and cool to be associated with my family" years (ages 18-22 seems to be the norm), we started talking again, and I'm so glad we did.  She's so funny, and so much smarter and wiser than I ever gave her credit for.  She is brave enough to search for her raison d'ĂȘtre on the other side of the Earth all by herself.  She flies all over the world just because she wants to.  She inspires me and makes me laugh all at once.  I am so grateful that we talk again, and that we keep discovering things we do alike even though we haven't lived together in 10 years.  

5.  My dad.  I can safely say that everything good in my life right now, he had a hand in.  Whether it be the house I live in, the clothes I wear, the male perspective I consider, the adventures on my horizon or the ability to stay fit without killing myself exercising.  Even when he's thousands of miles away, on a polar oposite time zone, or in the middle of a meeting with people one could only dream of meeting, he still drops everything if I need him.  He offers advice, awesome hand-me-downs, humor and silly quotes to ponder.  He's helped me get my photography business (currently on hiatus) off the ground.  Having kids of my own, I know that raising kids is not only watching them grow up, but growing up as a parent too, and I can say that I am so proud of the parent he's become.  He's become someone I can only hope to be like in 24 years.  He's amazing, he's inspiring, he's someone without whom the world would not be the same.  And I don't mean my world, I mean the world!


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