Thursday, November 15, 2012

Exactly one week from today...

I will be beginning an adventure I have only ever dreamed of.

I will be proving wrong everyone who ever said "you shouldn't have had kids so early, you will never get to experience life now!"  or  "You threw your life away having kids so young!"

I will be reconnecting with the only person who truly knows what I've survived as a kid.

I will be wishing my eyeballs could not just witness the beauty of something, but wrap my entire brain around it, and let all of my senses be consumed by it.  (side note: this is not referring to my sister, hah)

I will be snuggling my Teeny Tiny on our traditional baby-adventure.

I will be enjoying my family without a care in the world; the way family was meant to be enjoyed.

I will be more afraid than I have ever been.

I will be braver than I have ever been.

Come with me on my adventure, your ticket will be my photographs.

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