Saturday, July 27, 2013

My 4 & 5 year old understand marriage better than I do

In our church we are having our home teachers teach us about marriage and family relations.  Unfortunately, I think our family contributed to this decision, as I've never heard of home teachers being assigned specific topics before, but oh well.

As I'm reading through the marriage and family relations participants study guide, I decided to ask my kids (A, age 5, and E, age 4) a little bit about marriage.

Me:  What does marriage mean?
A: It means you're together forever.  Because you get married in the temple.  And sealed.

Me: What is a husband's job?
A: To protect the ladies.

Me: What is a wife's job?
E: To protect the kids.
A: Lay down and nap.

Me: What should a husband never do to a wife?
A: Fight.

Me: What should a wife never do to a husband?
A: Bite him, and fight.

Me: What should husbands and wives do together?
A: They should go out together and have fun.  Go to dinner.  And the kids should stay at home with a babysitter.  And they should love each other.

Me: What should husband's always say to wives?
E: Sorry.
A: I love you.
E: They should say I love you even when they fight.

Me: What should wives always say to husbands?
A:  You're handsome, I love you
E:  Sorry for fighting.

Me:  How does somebody get married?
A: They go and have dates.  Then they get married.
E:  In the church.  They wear church stuff on.
A: pants and belts.

Me:  What if the husband is sad, what should the wife do?
A & E:  Hug

Me:  What if the wife is sad, what should the husband do?
A & E: Hug

Me: What about when they have babies?  What is the daddy's job?
E: To protect his kids while the mommy is gone
A: To protect the baby

Me: What is the mommy's job?
A: Just to take a nap
E: To take care of the baby

Me: So what is marriage all about?  What's the most important thing about marriage?
E: Take care of their kids and take care of themselves and each other
A: To take care of their kids and protect themselves and protect each other.

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  1. Your kids are so cute! And just so you know...I am pretty sure all the married couples are getting that message from their home teachers. We are too, and I saw it in a ward email, I am pretty sure...or maybe it was at ward council when I went for Karlie...


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