Monday, October 28, 2013

Giving up on the book of faces and hipstergram

I just can't stand Facebook anymore.  I can't stand all the forced ads, the "suggested likes" or all that crap.  I didn't join to subject people to an onslaught of spam and "I LIKE THIS, YOU SHOULD LIKE IT, TOO!!!!!!" or obnoxious game invitations.  I joined to share my family's pictures and adventures with my friends.

So I'm pretty much giving up on Facebook and their new ad-slinging machine, Instagram.  Yes, Instagram, a Facebook owned company, has rolled out force-play ads (as in, video spam that you cannot turn off, or stop from playing).  It's annoying and I hate it.  Capitalism be... uh... darned?

Hopefully everyone will come here to partake in the cuteness that is my kiddos.  Hopefully they'll still be good enough without funky filters and borders and all that, lol.  Blogger's photo uploader is woefully simple and doesn't even let you type text between photos, so it might suck.  Sorry!  At least you aren't being forced to view 30 second ads for crap you don't care about, right?!  Right.

Also, I'd just like to point out, that my computer is currently downloading cute pictures from my phone so I can share them with you... and I have no clue where my phone is.  How cool is that?!  Not that I lost my phone, but that all the magical technologies work together to outsmart my ability to lose everything.  Very cool.  Very handy!  I'll make that a separate post, though!

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  1. Down with facebook! :) Cute pictures from the Trunk or treat...I hope we will be there next year!


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