Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My quiet book

I'm posting this in part to test out the mobile blogging app blogger has, as I haven't tested it since the update, and to put on here my progress in my quiet book adventure :)

When I was pregnant with L I joined a weekly quiet book crafting group. We all made several copies of a page or two, but just the supplies you'd need to make your own, and then we all swapped.

And there mine sat, in a bin...

For about 2 years...

Then nesting kicked in! And I picked up the bin, all my extra felt, and went at it.  Here is what I've done so far... Everything is hand sewn, by the way!

Beginning the "armor of God" page. 

The finished page. You can put all his armor on :)

This is a page where you can braid her hair. On the top it says "I can take care of my body" with a scripture reference.

It's a terrible picture, I know. The flowers unbutton so the kids can re button them back on.

This is the Lehis dream page where the kids can pick the fruit and put it in the basket. For now they're all tethered with string, because they lose everything. When they're a little older I'll cut off the strings. The fruit are snapped on with little button snaps.

This is how the word of wisdom page began 

And this is how it ended! Well that's not entirely true... Above the basket now says "I can make healthy choices". The carrots pull out of the ground and the tomatoes are snapped onto the plant. The peas don't come off, they're just to fiddle with.

This was a page I added myself. All of the pages I've changed a little from what we had in the group, but this one was my own idea, based on the lesson the missionaries taught the kids a few days prior.

I think it turned out really well! The pieces are all velcroed on so the kids can change the order around and then put it back right.

I have two more pages almost finished, and they're really awesome, but I have to put the titles and scripture references on them, and I'm procrastinating because I hate sewing letters lol. 


After this I have about 7 more pages in mind, some my own and some from the group.  I hope it turns out well!

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  1. I know you've worked really hard on this, and it shows! It turned out awesome. Your kids will cherish this when they grow up. And probably fight over who gets to hand it down to their kids! Haha!


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