Sunday, November 3, 2013

10%-(8%*4)= not much

When you're pregnant you get stupider. No joke. You get forgetful, and by forgetful I don't mean you lose your keys a lot, I mean you forget your name, basic arithmetic, colors, and everything you learned from about third grade onward. "They" (whoever 'they' are) say you actually lose about 8% of your brain power when you're pregnant.

I once spent 10 minutes trying to explain to my husband what a "foldey metal thingy that holds papers together" was because I could not for the life of me remember the word "paperclip". I had to call him at work once to ask what our zip code was... After we'd lived here for nearly 2 years.

Today was another one of those fun pregnancy stupidity moments, but a bit more epic. 

Yesterday, Saturday, I realized we needed to change our clocks for daylight savings that night. Sunday was R's morning to sleep in (we trade off) and I am well known not to handle waking up early very well at all. I prepared everything for the next morning. Homemade pancakes were made and ready to be heat up in the microwave. Snacks and water were ready for the church bag. Clothes were laid out. Everyone was bathed and showered the night before so there wouldn't be a line for the bathroom. After all, I was going to have to have the children ready in an hour less time.

We changed the clocks and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at Ham's usual time, 6:30am, which was now, according to our clocks, 7:30am. I had 2 hours to get everyone ready. That would be barely enough time. I was exhausted thanks to our new SUPER AWESOME neighbors using their freaking table saw until MIDNIGHT last night, but that's another story. I was difficult to wake up, suffice it to say. On top of that, it was pitch black outside. Nothing about this morning was saying "yay, waking up is awesome!". No, everything was screaming go back to bed. Except Hammy who was screaming "goggies!" Because I put on 101 Dalmatians so he'd let me lay in peace.

I picked up my phone because my sister had texted me, and what, besides her text, did I notice? Oh, yeah, it's not 7:30 at all, it's actually 5:30am.  We prepared for, and actually did, set our clocks forward an hour. Except it's fall. Spring forward, fall back.

So here I sit, at 8:30am, kids are fed and ready for church... And bored. 

My husband once said to me, and I'm beginning to believe him, "if you lose 8% of your brain power when pregnant, multiplied by how many kids we have, but humans only use 10% to begin with, you're really not left with much, are you?"

No, I guess not.

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