Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas season is here!

I'm trying especially hard to focus on the positive, to stay in the moment, and to enjoy the season that used to be my favorite.  The kids and I went to pick out the best Christmas tree yesterday, and I think we succeeded!

The PERFECT tree, as picked out by A, after having to explain to E why a 10' tree wouldn't work, lol

The scary lot guy tying it onto the car

E decorating


Tinsel is magical!

Daddy helps L put a candy cane on the very top... right before he cried to get it back

Hammy was trying to put an ornament back on, and he kept jumping to see if he could put it on higher, it was so funny

Yes, we have one of those half decorated trees.  Hammy is so naughty, he has already broken 3 candy canes and 1 light bulb.  So we moved the majority of the decorations up, lol.  Oh well!

I am now 31 weeks pregnant, and I have seemed to hit this wall of misery.  Today I slept 90% of the day away.  Every joint aches, and I have no comfortable position to rest in, and I get random nausea and indigestion no matter what I eat.  The baby is so large I can barely breathe!  I am so scared of how I'm going to make it through another 6-9 weeks!  I plan to bribe my OB handsomely to do as many non invasive induction things as possible as soon as I hit 37 weeks.  Thanks to the fact I have extremely fast labors, this becomes more likely, as a controlled labor is better than giving birth on the side of the freeway.  But we'll really have to step up our bribery game.  I will bring out the big guns and make my kids do puppy dog eyes.  My OB loves my kids, so it may work.

We're also soooooooo close to paying off our car (the last of our major debt, the last hurdle before we can start saving for a house) so I have high hopes for this holiday season.  It will definitely be better than the last, at least I know that much to be true!  


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