Friday, November 8, 2013

Everything is happening so fast!

I feel like this pregnancy has really flown by.  I'm sure I didn't feel that way during the first trimester, but here I sit, at the beginning of trimester 3, wondering where the time went.  Today I had by gestational diabetes test, which marks the end of all of the "special" visits.  You know, the visits where they do more than say "how are you feeling?  Crappy?  Yeah, that's normal.  Get some rest, eat healthy.  See you next time!"  From now on it's just waiting for labor to start.  The excitement of hearing the heartbeat, the excitement of finding out the gender, all these things have passed.  I will never experience them again.  It's bittersweet.  I'm content with my children, I know and have always know 4 was my number.  But at the same time, closing this chapter of my life is hard.  Closing any chapter of your life can be difficult.  There were so many fun things about this part of my life.  From now on I'm in every two week dr visits.  But we're going to have thanksgiving, christmas, and new years between now and my due date, so I feel like I'm going to blink and be holding my little Pimento Loaf in my arms.

A felt like my heart wasn't aching enough, so this morning he decided to become older too.  As we were sitting at the bus stop, I looked over and he was playing with his loose bottom teeth, as he always does lately, and I noticed something...

Oh hey there adult tooth!  Nice to see you!

Last night I checked how wiggly his teeth were and that tooth was not there!  You can see the other one about ready to poke through, too.

My little baby boy is becoming a grown up way too fast for me.  All of my babies are growing too fast!  I wish my babies could stay like this forever.  Especially around the holidays when they're so filled with wonder and excitement.  We stopped by to say hi to santa at the mall the other day and E was so starstruck she just stood there smiling and nervously giggling the whole time.

I really need to figure out a way to slow things down :-(

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