Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Greed is the American way

I am getting so sick of greed.  There are literally more ads in a TV program, more logos on a sports field, more ways for big business to shove their business in your face and lie to you just to get your money, than there is actual TV show, sports game or anything else.

I quit FB because I was so sick of every other post being "your friend likes this thing that you would never ever like, YOU SHOULD LIKE IT TOO!!!!!"  "The demographic you belong to likes to shop at this store, LIKE THEM!!!!!!!!" Seriously, it was every other post on my news feed.  Then FB started taking away your ability to hide things or not see every little thing your friends comment on, and it just became a disgusting display of corporate mega-greed.

I quit watching TV because I got so fed up with ads.  I went to hulu, which used to have the same 30 second ad about 4 times in each show.  The equivalent of what you get in Europe.  Now their ad times are over two minutes long, about 5 times in each show.  Seriously?!  That equates to 25% selling me crap I don't want and 75% of what I actually want to see.  Hey companies, you want people to stop illegally downloading shows and movies?  Here's a clue:  Stop making middle America pay out the behind so you can sit on gilded toilets!  Make prices affordable and live like a normal human being!

I quit Instagram because they mysteriously stopped letting you turn off auto-play on movies... one quick googling later, come to find out, it's in preparation for video ads they're debuting that they don't want you to be able to turn off.  Nice.  Why do they think forcing things on people is going to do their company good?!  I intentionally avoid buying products I see advertised over and over and over and over again because it annoys the crap out of me!

Well, guess what I discovered today?  As I'm scrolling through my Pinterest feed, I see this same idiotic maternity shirt over and over and over again.  Literally every time I see it I think to myself "oh geez, stupid people need to NOT breed.  Why do so many people like this dumb thing?!"  Ohhhhhh, wait a minute!  There's itty bitty teeny tiny letters underneath!

"Promoted pin"

REALLY?!?!?!  Is there one place in this stupid, greedy country I can go to that doesn't shove brainless, ridiculous advertisements in my face?!?!?

Everything I search for online gets recorded and google uses it to learn what I "might" buy and advertises to me according to the information it gathers.  I cannot even search for Christmas presents for my kids without it being immediately ruined, because I get 40,000 amazon banner ads displaying the toy all over every page I visit.  Even if I already bought it!

If I want a new product to cook/clean/parent with, I ask my friends about what they currently USE and like.  I'm not influenced by a social networking site.  I can promise you my likelihood of buying a product is not directly proportionate to how many times I have this brand/product shoved into my face without my consent.  In fact, I know the more money companies put into advertising their product, the crappier it is, because if it actually worked well, they wouldn't need to convince you to buy it.  You'd hear about it from other people.  It's how things worked before outright lying became the way to get people to buy your crap.

I'm sick of ads being on every last square inch of everything in this stupid country!  I refuse to watch pro sports with my husband because I can't stand how every little thing, literally EVERYTHING has a logo on it.  Can't fit a logo on something?  No worries!  We'll have quick little interjections from some idiot that knows a couple things about what just happened and call it the "McDonald's minute" or "Dunkin Donuts sports recap" or something equally as pathetic.

And before you say, "well just stop doing these things!" remember this: there are ads on the bathroom stall walls. There are ads on supermarket carts.  There are ads in the freaking SKY during the summer.  There are ads plastered all over any form of public transportation you take.  There are ads on the side of buildings.  There are ads for other products all over any product you buy.  There is literally nowhere to go to escape this onslaught of "capitalism".

I went to two of the largest (if not the two largest) cities in Europe last year.  I watched TV there.  I walked around.  I took public transportation.  And you know what I noticed?  There were more ads on one American TV show, than I saw the ENTIRE time I was in Europe.  And last I checked they're doing a bit better than we are economy-wise (though admittedly, not a whole lot better!).

America, you're pathetic.

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