Thursday, November 7, 2013

More quiet book pages in progress

I'm working on a few more pages for the quiet book, but I really hate stitching letters so I've kinda been skipping ahead, lol. I have been doing the fun part of 3 different pages and now I have to pay the price :-( I have to stitch the titles and scriptures into three whole pages before moving on. Laaaaame.  

Here's what they look like so far:

The nativity :-) all the pieces Velcro on and off.

Fishers of men. This one is a little different than originally planned. It was supposed to be a button on page, but I thought buttoning fish onto a hook was sort of weird, so I made it magnetic. This was hard because you need a REALLY strong magnet to work through felt. Not the kind you find at craft stores, the kid you get at science stores lol. Husband just so happened to have one hanging around his office that I could use. It's the size of a tiny button cell battery but can grab my full size fiskar scissors! The fish have paperclips sewn into them. I did plastic coated ones for rust and safety purposes which made the magnet even harder to use, but it works well enough :)

This one is a simple shoe tying page. It will say something about being reverent or dressing nicely for church. The lace I got from a lace up activity the kids ruined a long time ago that I think I got from the dollar store. It's the perfect length and even has aglets!! What's an aglet? Go here to find out:  lol

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