Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31, 2013

Yes, I know, two posts in one day, ANNOYING.  But don't worry, first, I'm going to set the published date as yesterday, so when I look back on it I seem less annoying, and second, I wont have the energy to post twice in one day again for a very long time, so fret not.

Halloween was last night, yay!  We were so lucky, because it was raining all day, but the rain stopped for exactly two hours- 6pm-8pm- so we had enough time to trick or treat!  Ham even got to go to a few houses and stare at them blankly while they put a bowl full of shiny candy in front of him, which he gladly grabbed massive ham-fists of.  Then he'd turn around a yell, "go! go!" like he thought he just robbed the people of their treats and now had to book it.

All around super fun day! :-)

First, we went to our church for an impromptu get together of little kids that didn't have school yet.  I brought frosted sugar cookies because I felt like I needed to sugar up other people's kids in order to feel less alone when my kids went berserk later that day, from being on an enormous sugar high.

Yeah, they didn't all have faces.  Aint nobody got time fo dat.

The ghosts did, though!

Running around the gym at the party.  Burn off that sugar, kids!

 From there we went to A's school halloween parade.  Which I regretted immediately.  A few parents thought they were so important, they had to park IN THE ROAD, completely blocking all traffic.  Yes, they parked their car, in the middle of the driving way at the school, as if it was a parking spot, left their car, and went to the parade.  Leaving dozens of cars trapped without any means of escape in the case of an emergency.  Seriously.

AAAAAAAnyways, the parade was cute, there were some interesting costumes, but my favorite part was when A saw me, and asked "Mom, you made it?!" with a big ol' grin on his face, as if he was surprised I actually came.  I always go to his functions, but I guess he wasn't feeling special enough this time, and I got to be there and remind him, he is special, and even if I'm exhausted and had to run E and a stroller full of 25 lbs of baby L up a hill, almost 27 weeks pregnant, pelvis aching, I would be there.  Because he is my special big boy.  He was Fix it Felix Jr from Wreck it Ralph, a costume I put together myself!

Here are some pics :-)

Waving to the masses

Showing his teacher that I made it

Unrelated: Tomorrow I'm in trimester 3!  Holy cannoli!

Shameless belly pic (because the school's bathroom mirror is so much cleaner than mine, and that's sad)

After that we came home, waited for A's bus, picked him up and got the kids dressed and fed, then went out trick or treating.

Prior to trick or treating

L was a puppy

E was Vannelope Von Schweetz and A was Fix it Felix Jr.

The loot!  The bottom two are the kids' and the top two are the 50% candy tax we impose on our kids (because no 4 and 5 year old needs 2 gallons of candy, but you know who does?  Pregnant mom and exhausted dad.  We need fuel, you know.)

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