Monday, November 4, 2013

Thanksblogging (continued...)

Maybe I should have made this a weekly thing...
I've been crazy busy lately so I haven't had time to continue my thankfulness blog, but here I am to make up for it!

11-2:  I am thankful for A.  A is such a sweet, kind, caring soul.  He is always the first to comfort you when you're sad, and he's fiercely loyal.  I hear stories all the time about him caring for a friend that got hurt, or protecting a girl who was being picked on at school.  His teachers and parent volunteers at his school say he's got the best manners they've seen on a 5 year old!  He can be rambunctious and very stubborn (gee, I have no idea where that came from...) but boys will be boys!  I can safely say I got the cream of the crop when it comes to boys!  He may fight with his sister, but when they're separated, he always thinks of her.  When I get him something special, he makes sure to ask if he can get one for E too.  Even at the birthday party we went to for his Kindergarten friend, he kept asking me if he could get a goodie bag and treats to bring home to E!  He is so protective and loving with Ham, I just know he's going to be the best big brother ever to #4.  He was my first baby I got to hold in my arms, after narrowly surviving birth.  He has always been a smiler, a hugger, and a sweet little love.  He is growing up to be a fantastic little man, and I am so grateful I get to be his mommy.

A is all business with his hot cocoa

Maybe not alllll business

A is on the right, after Nemo

Always a loved big brother

Goofy mommy and A

Celebrating A's 5th birthday on a mommy son date

My strong buddy

A's first camping trip!

On the phone, planning something good

Always a cutie

Proud of the hermit crabs he caught this summer down the cape!

11-3:  I am thankful for my little E!  She is my teeny tiny princess.  And by princess, I really mean princess.  She was coddled a lot as a baby because she was a very clingy, very fussy little thing, and perhaps she was coddled a little too much because she still thinks the world revolves around her.  She is a strong little girl, and as much as it is a pain now, I am so glad she is, because she will go far in life.  She does not take no for an answer.  Literally... she will ask you every 10 seconds until you say yes, try to bargain with you, resort to tantrums, the whole 9 yards.  She will definitely be able to hold her own against 3 brothers, that's for sure.  All while being the tiniest little pixie of a thing.  To put it into perspective, her brothers are in the 80th% for most things, on top of the fact they're boys, naturally bigger, and she's in the 5th%.  What she lacks in size, she certainly makes up for in personality, though!  She is also very sweet and protective and caring when you least expect it.  Sometimes I get so used to her being stubborn and demanding, I forget that she's also one of the biggest hearts around.  She tries hard to show you she loves you in unconventional ways.  She draws us pictures showing her love for us, she picks out clothes or activities based on your favorite color or game, and she never lets me get anything for her without asking if she can get one for A, too.  She always shares with Hammy, even if it's only because she knows she'll be tackled for a bite if she doesn't willingly hand one over.  She's also incredibly smart.  She spoke in full sentences by 18 months!  And let me tell you, when she's so small she could pass for a 12 month old, it really takes people by surprise when they hear complete sentences come out of such a teeny thing!  She really pays attention to detail, and is very neat in her writing and drawing.  Her competitive nature plus a brother that's only a year older has made her always smart beyond her years.  And a bit dramatic beyond her years too... haha

Floating away

In her homemade space suit, of course

This is when I told her to pose like Aunt Caitlin

Loving on her brother, as always

Mommy and E

hipster girl

Always the bravest, right before surgery

After surgery, still the trooper, never showing weakness!

She's so beautiful I can't even believe it

Playing in the sand over the summer

Her first day of preschool

Ever the fashionista

More beauty from little E

Lest you think she's always a perfect princess, haha

11-4:  Today!  *whew*
Yeah, you guessed it, today I am thankful for my Hammy hammy ham hams.  I always get asked why we call L "hammy".  It was a nickname my mom thought up when we were told he was a gigantic baby, when he was in my belly (as if I didn't already know that).  My mom called him a ham, and when he came out, he was always hamming it up with silly smiles and goofiness, so it stuck!  He is my hammy!  He is such a happy baby.  Always smiling, always giggling, always giving hugs and kisses.  He is a goofball who loves being as silly as possible.  He is so sweet, I know that no matter what I am feeling, I can get a hammy hug and be alright.  He came with me on my trip to Europe, and was really, really good for an 8 month old on a 5 hour time difference!  He is always at my side, but always easygoing.  I can't believe he is growing so fast.  He talks a lot now, runs everywhere and climbs everything.  He is so special to me.  When the older two are being crazy kids, he is always ready for a snuggle.  I love him so much, I am so glad he is my little (but soon to be not the littlest!) boy.

Keeping me calm on my first transatlantic flight

Baby's first trip to hogwarts!

Upside down on the london eye

No big, just hanging out at a swanky restaurant... IN PARIS.

Fighting with himself in the mirror

My ham is a ham

A very special ham...

A spider ham!

Always a love

Ham turns one

Silly boy

Playing at the park

cool dude

So snuggly

And a bit messy

But always happy!

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