Friday, November 1, 2013


Last year I tried to do this thing where I blogged about one thing I was thankful for every day of November.  Unfortunately I got a complainer who literally whined, on day 4, about why I hadn't written a post about them yet.  So I stopped and gave up.  This year I will try again, but know this- if you whine, and I mean seriously whine (I know I have a lot of joker friends, you jerks! ;-p), you will be omitted from the list of things I'm thankful for, even if I had planned to write a post about you already.  I will no longer be thankful for you.  Because you'll suck.

Without further ado... *IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER*

I am very grateful for my sister.  She has helped me so much this year, it's hard to even begin to thank her.  This year has easily been the hardest year of my life.  Serious medical issues, personal issues, financial issues, you name it.  She lives in Australia, so on nights I couldn't sleep, I'd text her, and she'd be there.  I remember several 4am conversations that she was happy to help with.  I can't explain how hard it is to wake up in the middle of the night, knowing there is nobody awake to help you, nobody who can listen, and just feel so alone and overwhelmed.  Something about the night and about the darkness amplifies the feeling of dread and sadness, but she was my little flashlight.  Figuratively and literally since I had to stare at my bright phone to text her, haha.  She is such an inspiration.  She followed her own path all the way down undah (queue butt joke here), and stayed there.  I'm sure it's extremely difficult being so far away from everyone she knows and grew up with, but she does it because that's her path.  It's where she belongs, and it's where she loves to be.  She chose happiness, and I envy her every second of every day.  She's also kind of pretty and skinny and slightly stupid at times, but it's okay.  I love her anyways.

That time Caitlin spent 30 hours traveling to London so she could spend 4 days with me, only to spend another 30 hours traveling back.  WORTH IT.

That time she got sick of my screaming baby and probably drugged him, but played it off like she thought sleeping babies were cute and made me take a picture to commemorate it.

That time we took the London Eye and I started to hyperventilate halfway up, so she took pictures for me, and only asked me to take a picture of her when we were almost back down.

That time Caitlin got attacked by bedsharks just to make hammy giggle.

That time someone brought a screaming brat on the EuroStar to Paris, that wouldn't stop screaming for the entire 2 hour train ride... nor the following 24 hour trip around Paris.  But look at her face!  She's so calm and patient.  What a saint.

That time we photoshopped ourselves into a pic of the eiffel tower 

That time we were on our last day in Europe, about to embark on 40 collective hours of traveling back home, already exhausted beyond words.  We look hot.

Caitlin Hamface Kerris, your beauty is beyond all explanation.  I love you.

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  1. Awesome. So happy to see you two getting along so famously... I remember a time when that was not the case ;)


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