Friday, December 20, 2013

The funny thing about equality | The Duck Dynasty scandal

There's a funny thing about equality that people seem to forget, especially now that "equality" is such a major buzz word:

Equality means everyone is equal.  Everyone.  Period.  Even the people you don't like.

Recently the main guy from Duck Dynasty had some pretty ignorant, crass things to say about homosexuality.  There was the usual innocent stuff about believing the bible to say it's a sin, but then he elaborated, basically saying the reason men choose to be gay is because anuses entice them more than female body parts.  (On a quick side note, I don't think anyone ever has claimed their sexuality was decided based on their attraction to a particular set of genitalia.  Granted, I haven't polled anyone about it, but, eew.)

Then GLAAD went nuts, and A&E, who is a major supporter of all things gay rights, decided to suspend the main guy (Phil Robertson?  Or something...)

Here's the thing...  if you want the "right" to be who you are, you have to let others have the right to be who they are.

If you want the right to proclaim your Christian beliefs, you have to let gay people be who they are too.  Freely and publicly.

If you want the right to proclaim your gayness (is that even a thing?) you have to let religious people oppose it, yes, even in the public eye.

If you want people to stop making laws banning homosexuality or discriminating, you have to stop making laws banning religious celebrations or discussion, therefore discriminating against them just the same.

If you want people to stop making laws based on their disbelief, such as banning prayer in school or outlawing any religious celebrations in public school, you have to stop making laws using your religion as justification, like outlawing homosexual marriage.

If you want the right to be you, whoever you are, be it religious, atheist, gay, straight, or whatever, you have to give others the right to be them, too.

That is what equality means.


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