Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby update

I have a whopping three appointments left until my baby will be here.  Three!  I've got the epic lazies, sleeplessness and tons of pain to prove it.  Eating has become a huge chore, since most things don't sound terribly appetizing, and the things that do usually take more than 3 minutes prep time (which is all the energy I have before my feet swell and pelvis hurts like crazy).  Oh and have I mentioned the fact that since my dad came to visit, I've been DYING for another sandwich from the place we went out to eat?  It just so happens to be from the most expensive high end steak restaurant in the city... so needless to say, Husband has put the kibosh on that time and again, lol.  Our bank account is very grateful.

Because my labor was so fast with L, my youngest, my OB went ahead and set an induction date for my due date (2/1).  She doesn't do early inductions because they can be dangerous, but she wanted to do the best she could to make sure I don't have the baby on the side of the road, which literally almost happened with L.  Ladies, now would be a good time for me to warn you: just because you have back labor with one does NOT mean you will have back labor with another, and if you're using a back labor delivery as a basis for comparison for pain, and where you are in labor, you WILL end up grossly underestimating how far into labor you are.  Take it from me.  People think I was being a superhero insisting on walking through contractions into L&D, only to find out I was in transition, just about ready to deliver, but no, I was just comparing my regular labor pain to back labor pain.  Had I known I was so close to delivering, I would have panicked the entire car ride on the way to the hospital.  If it's one thing I'm good at, it's overreacting, haha.

Thankfully, L has decided to abruptly stop being insane at bed/nap time.  This, I know for a fact, is a miracle from God.  If you disagree, you obviously have never tried to sleep train an almost 2 year old before.  L went from over an hour long fight, screaming and crying, to just simply saying "night night!" giving a hug and kiss, laying down and passing out.  No fight, and mommy and daddy get to unwind without ear piercing screeches.  It truly is miraculous.  With this baby coming so soon, I was worried we'd end up with a nightmare bedtime routine.

Anyways, here I sit, 36 weeks + 2 days, 80% effaced, head very very low, waiting around to go into labor.  Truth be told, I'm very nervous.  I have 3 kids that need to be deposited somewhere with very little notice.  One of which is still somewhat clingy, picky and unable to articulate his needs and wants. I have to deliver at a hospital that, though it's only 15 miles door to door, it's 15 miles on the busiest freeway into the city, off the busiest offramp, through a part of town under construction.  On a saturday afternoon we could be there in less than 20 mins.  On a Monday morning, we're looking at over 2 hours.  It's scary.  Plus, you know, that whole "expelling a fully grown baby from your body" thing.  It's giving me anxiety.  Hammy was huge and I'm not a very big girl.  I don't have "birthing hips" as they call them.  I consider myself downright small (albeit tall).  If this baby is bigger, I may just split in half.

So the countdown lies at 25 days.  In 25 days, one way or another, I will have my last baby in my arms, starting this adventure over again for the last time.  It's bittersweet, and I'm not really sure I'm ready for it, but here it comes!

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  1. Goodluck!! I was 40wks and 2 days with devin!! I was going in for a schedualed induction and started going into labor on the way to the hospital!

    The last baby?? Are you sure??? Just kidding. Devin is our last. I agree definitely bittersweet and he is definitely more spoiled then the rest!! Someone is always picking him up and cuddeling him!!

    I hope your last couple weeks go by smoothly!!



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