Monday, March 17, 2014

Me vs. 4 year old: bathroom edition

How I use the bathroom:
1.  Enter bathroom
2.  Use toilet
3.  Flush toilet
4.  Wash hands
5.  Exit bathroom

How my 4 year old uses the bathroom:
1.  Enter bathroom
2.  Pulls pants down to ankles
3.  Climbs up footstool and turns on water faucet
4.  Squirts toothpaste into sink
5.  Pulls towels off of towel rack
6.  Trips off of footstool because she forgot her pants were around her ankles
7.  Exits bathroom crying, still with pants around her ankles
8.  Re-enters bathroom because she still hasn't gone potty
9.  Notices the faucet is still running
10.  Notices toothpaste in sink
11.  Smears toothpaste around in sink, making bubbles under the running water
12.  Exits bathroom to say she can't turn off faucet because her hands are wet
13.  I turn off faucet for her
14.  Sits on toilet
15.  Pulls toilet paper out all over the floor
16.  Tries to hide evidence by shoving it into the cupboard under the sink
17.  Finds things to play with under the sink
18.  Comes out of bathroom to tell brothers what she found
19.  Remembers she still hasn't used the toilet
20.  Runs back into bathroom
21.  Trips on pants again
22.  Uses toilet
23.  Goes to wash hands
24.  Fills sink with bubbles
25.  Splashes water all over
26.  Exits bathroom for good, leaving water running

My precious, angelic 4 year old

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  1. Oh man, that was Autumn at that age. I'm happy to say she is now my most helpful child..makes up for all the years of being my best mess maker! :-)


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