Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy anniversary

I've been married for 7 years.  That's exactly 25% of my whole life.  Weird.

For my husband's gift, I thought I'd get him something most men only dream of... Something so rare and fabled, most refer to it as "the unicorn of marriage"...

A list of things, in writing, that I admit I was wrong and he was right about.

Yeah, you heard me.

Without further ado...

10 things R was right and I was wrong about:

1.  L2 WAS a boy
2.  Vegetables ARE delicious, especially when covered in cheese
3.  Chickens DO have tenderloins
4.  Descuidado IS an actual spanish word
5.  I definitely SHOULD have canceled my appointments and gone to what would be my gram's last birthday party, even if it was on a Sunday
6.  The 95 IS a shorter route to the cape
7.  I AM addicted to Target.  (But there's no Target Recovery Program so you'll just have to deal with it.)
8. I DID have mommy goggles with baby E.  She looked like a fat mexican man until she was about a year old.  Luckily she outgrew that and is drop dead gorgeous now.
9. All kids ARE pretty much evil devil incarnates from age 20 months until about 4 1/2.
10.  I do NOT look good with short hair.

and one more for good luck...

11.  Hammy's sippies really do go together easier when you push the nipple in from the top rather than pulling it up from the bottom.

There.  This will never happen again.  Ever.

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